VLCC Reviews: My excessive, unwanted hair growth was controlled with VLCC’s Full Body Laser therapy

Few years back I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) that resulted in excessive hair growth over the face and body. My gynecologist explained “hair growth may vary from one woman to another based on genetic or certain ethnic factors. But if it grows more than it is supposed to, you should look at it as a hormonal imbalance. In medical terms you may call it as hirsutism. Put it simply and you call it as unwanted trouble”.

Quite distressed I was looking out for a good clinic to get rid of this unwanted hair problem. I searched online and came to know about VLCC Dubai. I read VLCC reviews and that were positive and spoke on benefits of their new age therapies including a more permanent solution of laser hair removal. I decided to give it a try and visited its Al Qusais center and the doctor there recommended me to go for Full body laser treatment that covered laser hair removal for legs, arms, under arms and other body parts. I completed six sessions first. It was a simple process, it was fast, relatively painless. For the area of the treatment they would raze the hair first, then apply a cooling get and use their machine on that. The impact is great, thicker hair becomes fine after every session and next hair growth is lesser and lesser after every session. 

While lasers are a well-established method of combating body hair, they come at a price. Based on my research VLCC Full Body laser is cheaper than waxing, plus it provides long term solution as compared to waxing. This process of hair removal helped me emotionally and psychologically getting my stress down.